Terms of Service

Please carefully review our terms and conditions that outline your and our respective rights and obligations. When you book through samuiislandadventures.com, you accept the following general terms and conditions. The terms “we,” “us,” “our, “samui island adventures”, “samui enduro adventures”, refer to Samui Island Adventures Ltd. (TAT License No.33/08811), a limited company located in Thailand.

Object of the Contract
1.1 samuiislandadvenures.com provides a brokerage platform for tourist services on its website, through which customers can search and book services. samuiislandadvenures.com acts as an intermediary between selected service providers and customers and manages their commercial transactions. Engaging samuiislandadvenures.com does not create a contract for the provision of services to samuiislandadvenures.com or on behalf of samuiislandadvenures.com to the customer; instead, it establishes an agency contract between the customer and samuiislandadvenures.com.

1.2 Customers entrust samuiislandadvenures.com with the mediation of service contracts via the services offered by the service providers on the website samuiislandadvenures.com. Service contracts brokered by samuiislandadvenures.com are exclusively concluded between customers and service providers, and only these parties are entitled and obligated. There are no claims against the brokered service, particularly claims for damages due to breach of duty by the service provider, against samuiislandadvenures.com and ksitours.com. The relationship between samuiislandadvenures.com and the customer does not create a contract in favor of or with protection for third parties.

Payment Processing
2.1 samuiislandadvenures.com brokerage service between customers and service providers is free of charge for the customer.

2.2 All payments from the customer to the service provider for the remuneration of the booked services are made via samuiislandadvenures.com payment service provider. The customer pays for the booked service to the payment service provider of samuiislandadvenures.com and ksitours.com at least partially in advance as part of the booking or purchase process.

2.3 Booking confirmations are the responsibility of a final reconfirmation on the part of the service providers and, upon receipt, with prior consent from the customer, can be adjusted if necessary or cancelled by samuiislandadvenures.com at any time.

2.4 If services include an unbooked additional service, this must be reported to samuiislandadvenures.com immediately. The additional costs incurred by an additional service provided by the service provider must be borne by the customer and settled via samuiislandadvenures.com.

2.5 Purchases are always subject to the exchange rates on the day on which they were made. If, at the customer’s request, invoices are not made in Thai Baht or on a day other than the purchase date, the exchange rate of the purchase date always applies retrospectively.

Cancellation Policy
3.1 Customers can cancel booked services free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the service.

3.2 If the customer cancels less than 24 hours before the start of the service, the service provider is entitled to the agreed remuneration in full.

3.3 Customers cannot change their booking details on the travel or delivery day. Service providers are entitled to the full amount of the agreed remuneration on the day of travel or delivery.

3.4 Cancellations made exclusively by samuiislandadvenures.com without the participation of the customers will be reimbursed 100% without any transaction or processing fees.

3.5 samuiislandadvenures.com will not honor cancellation rights for vouchers requested in advance or within the cancellation period once they have been dispatched.

3.6 Repayments agreed upon will be processed within three working days.


4.1 samuiislandadvenures.com is not liable for the execution of service contracts between service providers and customers. The responsibility lies solely with the service providers, and samuiislandadvenures.com does not guarantee their implementation.

4.2 samuiislandadvenures.com must provide customers with the contact details of relevant service providers immediately in case of a complaint resulting in a presumed breach of contract by the service provider. The service providers are responsible for all questions and claims related to the service contract and its implementation.

4.3 Customers are responsible for having the necessary knowledge of the information provided in the product descriptions, and samuiislandadvenures.com is not liable for any damage caused by a lack of knowledge or incorrect self-interpretation by the customer.

4.4 samuiislandadvenures.com is not liable for any additional costs not explicitly described in the product descriptions.

4.5 samuiislandadvenures.com  is not liable for any incorrect information provided by service providers through their own brochures regarding the services offered to customers and travel agencies.

4.6 Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their booking data, and samuiislandadvenures.com is not liable for any damage or additional costs resulting from incorrect or incomplete booking data.

4.7 samuiislandadvenures.com is not liable for any absence or cancellation by the service provider in the case of a hotel transfer included in the selling price due to the customer’s failure to comply with the communicated pick-up or waiting time.

4.8 Vouchers sent by samuiislandadvenures.com include an exact pick-up time. If the customer is not found at the pick-up location at the notified time, the service provider has the right to cancel the booking without contacting the customer and is entitled to the full amount of the agreed remuneration. The service provider may wait for customers at the pick-up point for a maximum of 10 minutes.

4.9 samuiislandadvenures.com is only liable in cases of culpable violation of essential contractual obligations necessary to achieve the purpose of the contract and for foreseeable damage.


5.1 All service providers selected by samuiislandadvenures.com possess a legally required TAT license and associated travel insurance up to a sum of THB 100,000 (in case of injury) and THB 200,000 (in case of death), covered by the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT).

5.2 Some service providers offer extended insurance protection through their own travel insurance, as described in the product description under “Accident Insurance.”

5.3 samuiislandadvenures.com is not liable for insurance claims by customers and customers must contact the respective service provider for valid claims based on the brokered service contract.

Rights of Use

6.1 The user grants samuiislandadvenures.com a free, simple, revocable, unlimited, sublicensable right of use for content placed on the platform provided by samuiislandadvenures.com.

6.2 Customers can submit reviews of the services provided, and samuiislandadvenures.com uses an independent, non-manipulable rating system to check the relevant ratings.

6.3 Reviews must be based on verifiable facts and compiled factually with fairness principles. Offensive, abusive, criminal, or illegal content is prohibited, as are unjustified multiple reviews, self-reviews, or other attempts to manipulate the rating system.

6.4 samuiislandadvenures.com employees may take photos and films of customers during services and use them in brochures, websites, and other advertising material without separate customer consent.

Final Provisions

7.1 samuiislandadvenures.com reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. The revised regulations will be communicated to customers by email at least two weeks prior to their implementation. Customers may contest the updated terms and conditions within two weeks of becoming aware of them. If no objection is raised, the new terms and conditions will be deemed accepted. In case of any contradiction, will inform the customer separately.

7.2 If any provision or part of a provision of these terms and conditions is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions or parts thereof will remain unaffected.

7.3 samuiislandadvenures.com is authorized to transfer all rights and obligations from the contract with the customer to third parties either in full or in part. Customers will be given adequate notice of this and may object to the transfer within two weeks of receiving the information if they have a legitimate interest in doing so.

7.4 The agency contract between the customer and samuiislandadvenures.com, as well as any matters arising from it, are governed by Thai law. Disputes, claims, or other matters relating to this contract or the customer’s vacation can only be addressed by the courts of the Kingdom of Thailand.

7.5 As part of their duty of care, customers must ensure their availability at the email address provided by them from the time of their booking. Customers must respond to samuiislandadvenures.com inquiries as quickly as possible, given the urgency of fulfilling the contract. This obligation applies equally to samuiislandadvenures.com in their dealings with customers.

Samui Island Adventures., Ltd. 49/15, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84330, Thailand

TAT License No. 33/0881